In 40 days, a lot can change. 

In 40 days entire coral formations are dying from a mysterious diseaseBut what if, in 40 days, we could transform reef conservation instead? Would YOU fight to save the Mesoamerican Reef? 

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The Mesoamerican Reef is the world’s second largest reef system, stretching over 600 miles (1000+ kilometers) from Mexico to Honduras. 

Despite its massive size, the Mesoamerican Reef is a sensitive ecosystem whose future is at stake. OVER HALF of the reef is in poor or critical condition due to overtourism, coastal development, climate change, and unsustainable fishing. 


  • 900+ marine species that call the reef home and depend on it for their survival

  • 2 million people who rely on the reef for their livelihoods, food, and coastal protection

  • $6.2 billion economic value of the reef generated by tourism, fisheries, and coastal development sectors

To make matters worse, a new and urgent threat is attacking the reef. An outbreak of stony coral tissue loss disease is killing over 20 of the coral species found on the reef. In just 40 days, the disease can transform entire coral structures into lifeless skeletons. Some of these corals took hundreds of years to grow. 

But what if, in 40 days we could transform reef conservation and create a brighter future instead?

Time is ticking and if we want to protect this pristine environment, we need to act NOW. 

We need your help to raise $40,000 in 40 days.

This funding will allow us (Sustainable Travel International) to launch NEMO, a conservation program that gives YOU - travelers, adventurers, and ocean lovers - the power to protect the reef and defend the wild places you love. 

Through NEMO, anyone can become a Natural Environment Marine Observer (NEMO) and help scientists watch over the reef. This data will help our Response Team of scientists and conservationists monitor the coral disease so they can prevent it from spreading, alleviate infections, and begin restoration efforts. 

Through NEMO, we believe that together, we can transform reef conservation and improve the health of the reef! In turn, NEMO will protect the region’s stunning biodiversity and ensure the prosperity of local communities who depend on the reef for their livelihoods, food security, and protection from storms. 

We need your help to reach our goal of $40,000 by November 25th so that we can make this impactful program a reality.

WHAT WILL YOUR MONEY DO? Help NEMO grow through the following! 

  • Develop a NEMO web application so that anyone can easily submit their photos and scientists can analyze and map the data 

  • Educate local communities about reef conservation and get more people involved in NEMO

  • Fund expeditions by the Response Team to fight the disease and keep the reef healthy

Thank you for your support of NEMO and the Mesoamerican Reef! 

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